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so here are all the questions i received and the answers to them!

If you could live one place on earth EXCEPT for where you live now, where would you live and why?

Hmm.. that's a hard one. I would either say either somewhere in New Zealand  because it's SO beautiful, or somewhere either in North Carolina or Oklahoma because I've always wanted to see what it's like to live in the country!

How old are you?

I right now am 12 and I will be 13 on December 2nd!! I'm SO excited!
Where do you live?

I live in the central part of New York State.
How many siblings do you have?

I actually am an only child so I don't have an sibling although i wish i did!

Do you like chocolate?

Oooh!! Yes I LOVE chocolate. I love milk, white, and dark chocolate!

Do you have any pets?

I have 4 cats, Onyx, Ebony, Chipmunk, and Spring and I've had them for about 5 or 6 years now I think :D

Do you like Christina Grimmie?

I can't say yes or no because before this question was asked, I had never heard of her!

Have you listened to Selena Gomez?

Yes I have, and do, listen to Selena Gomez!

What kind of camera do you use?

I use my moms Sony Cyber-shot. I'm saving up for something more professional though! But for now, this one works!

 How did you get into photography?
The details, I'm not so sure. But I know I was blog hopping and found a couple photography blogs that I liked. If i recall, the first photography blog I ever visited was (life is too short not to) wear red shoes. And I really wanted to start a photography blog of my own! Of course at that time I really had no idea about photography, but I learned through reading blogs. Purely! i have learned 99.9 % of everything i know about photography from reading blogs!

When did you start your American Girl blog, and what inspired you to do so?
I started in the summer or 2010 and again, was inspired by reading other American Girl Doll blogs.

 This is a little random, but what are some of your favorite fonts?

Hmm.. Georgia definately. Juice iTC, Papyrus, Garmond and quite a few others. Although, I do strongly dislike Times New Roman. i'm not sure why, but it's probably because all of the papers for school and stuff like that are always in the default font; Times New Roman. and it could be because it is the default font and I see it WAY too much! 

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

Well, photography, computer, reading, math, gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, TV, dolls, (sometimes) knitting and sewing, taking pictures of food for no reason, editing pictures, basketball, iPod, and that is about it. 

Homeschooled, public, private, etc? What do you wish you could have?
I go to a Catholic school so it's basically private. Although sometimes i wish i could go to an online school just to try it and get out of the drama of school. 

Flip flops or sandals?
Most definitely flip flops!

Fashion crazy or Plain Jane?

I would say I'm in the middle. I definately don't really go crazy over what i wear, but my clothes are far from plain.
Do you like politics? History? 

I've never really gotten involved in politics so I can't really answer yes or not to that. BUT, I do like history. Not so much US history, but I really really enjoy world history!

Do you play any instruments?

Right now, no. I used to play the piano but I don't anymore and soon I will be teaching myself to play the guitar! 

Well that answers all the questions i got! If you have any more, feel free to leave me a comment sometime and maybe at the end of my posts I can answer a couple questions!


  1. thanks for answering those!!

    and just so you know, the poll names, and then she snapped is taken. you can see the blog (i left the link below).... it's an amazingly good blog :)


    Rachel, at and then she snapped is this girl's mom!!


  2. Cool to get to know you a bit better :)

  3. I dislike Times New Roman, also. I don't really know why either, but it just bugs me sometimes.