double exposures

i've seen a lot of these around lately so i decided to try some out!

hope you all had a great weekend. my school musical went really good! and now i'm sick :P so i'm not sure when i'll be posting again depending on how i feel!




last week, i had a few snow days and i took some pictures that i gave a vintage edit to. i really love these pictures soooo much, i hope you do too!

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spring is in the air. {a guest post by Lindsey}

First, let me say thank you so much for letting me guest post, Francesca!

I don't know about you, but here spring is coming! Birds are passing along the message and the sun shines a little brighter, warming our warmth-thirsty skin. And with spring comes excitement. New growth and a new beginning of things.

I think my favorite season changes every four months... and right now, spring is very appealing to me. It's been a fickle winter, so full-on sunshine is a welcome change. Not to mention the fact that I'll get to plant a garden soon!

Because I love to give readers active ideas, here are a few pastimes for this spring, if ever you're bored.

- plant some seed starters like marigolds, forget-me-nots, or cilantro.
- make a may day basket filled with flowers, something yummy, and a note, and deliver it secretly to someone's doorstep on May first.
- Pack up a picnic basket and have a picnic in your backyard.
- invite some little kids to go to the park with you.
- make dirt and worms dessert. (Chocolate pudding + crushed Oreos + gummy worms. you can serve it in a plastic flower pot and put a fake flower in the top :)
- sketch/paint some pansies.
- go on an adventure!

^ random picture of "adventure" :) ^
I hope that the next time you're needing a little entertainment, this will help! :)

About the author: I'm a high schooler who is educated at home and loves every second I have with my camera in hand. I love adventures, yummy food, anything colorful, snail mail, vintage anything, unique clothes, old tins, and Oreos. I also love a lot of other things, but I love my Savior, Jesus Christ most of all. Stop by my blog if you'd like! Over here!

Thanks for reading!
Lindsey Nicole

thanks so much for posting Lindsey!! 


window photography {a guest post by Olivia}

 Sometimes you wouldn't expect the taking photos through a window would turn out.  I mean, trying to get a beautiful photograph through a dirty window?  That just doesn't make sense.  Sometimes, though, the only opportunity you will have to fulfill that photo-taking craving is to take shots through windows.  Here are some tips to achieve some great shots!
 tip number one: watch out for reflections
Through your viewfinder, you can often see reflections. Try to adjust and take a new angle.  If you take a photo and see that there is a large reflection, change your composition.  Sometimes, though, a reflection can look good.  Look at this photo:
 tip number two: shoot something different
Try a new angle.  Different composition.  The hard thing about window shots is that it's hard to make them look different from the other window shots out there.  Change your focus, move your camera up, etc.  Make your photographs unique!
tip number three: take your camera everywhere
This might be a basic tip, but take your camera in the car, to the store, to school.  Anywhere you can!  Take window shots.  I personally think that these shots can be some of the most creative!

Good luck!

I'm Olivia. I blog over at Rise and Fly. I like to call myself a hunter of beauty. A photographer, writer, reader, artist, and Christian; that's me. I love early mornings, summer days, meadows during golden hour, sleepovers with great friends, and late nights with my sisters. Jesus is my everything, and every day, I try to live my life for Him. I have ten siblings, four of whom were born in Ethiopia, a place that has captured my heart. My dream is to travel to beautiful and not-so-beautiful places and take pictures of the people who live there. Beware of sarcasm and posts about just plain life.

thanks for posting Olivia!