the first day of Junior High

this morning, i woke up at 6:30 to the sound of my alarm. i got up, practically rolled out of bed and got dressed in my uniform while getting ready for school. while on my way downstairs, my dad announced that we needed to take a family picture since it was the first day of 7th grade. so, i had to set up the tripod and make sure everything was right. i also had to remind my parents to look at the camera and not straight in front of them :D so we took the pictures and i went on the computer...my normal routine. at 7:22 we pulled out of the garage, and 3 minutes later we were in the parking lot of school. i walked up to the door that was opened by a teacher and i went to see my 6th grade teacher. which really wasn't out of the way because her classroom is at the very end of the hallway...right next to the stairs. and went up and gave her a hug and i also found out something...she is pregnant! so then i happily wandered upstairs to find that my 3 best friends were already at their lockers. so i opened mine up and put everything away, while my friend Grace struggled to get her locker open. ;) Erin, Grace and Mackenzie did not see our old teacher so I took them back downstairs to see her. but, before that grace failed at opening her locker and proceeded to leave her stuff laying on the ground. and that is how it stayed until we came back upstairs. so this is how my day went. 

Lit Center (Library)
Social Studies

also, during every class..yes EVERY class the teacher had like a 5 minute speech about no cell phones in the classrooms...yeah i think i could have that memorized now ;)
personally..i like my schedule because it's just like this except that lunch is usually where the assembly was and instead of being in the Lit Center, we would be having either Gym or Study Hall. so yes, i really, really enjoyed my first day of junior high...plus i like being called junior high so ya know that makes everything better. ;) also, today was a half day so i got out at 12:30 and all of my classes were only like 15 minutes long. but thats okay! i met all of the teachers i didn't already know and at the end of the day i walked out in pouring rain! isn't that nice! oh how i love NY weather ;) yeah right! i like it when its sunny, and when it's cold...besides that it's either rain, rain, or let me see, rain!! so yeah! i'm quite sorry if this post was too much writing for you, but i had a rather fun time writing it for a matter of fact. now that my nervousness is gone, i think school is going to be a lot of fun! plus that fact that i won't be sitting in the same classroom for like 6 hours per day! i will still miss my old teachers though :( but...the one good think about being in a small school is that my 7th grade class has all of their classes together (except band and chorus) so if i don't know where to go i can just follow the "crowd" ;) 

so how was your first day of school? i'm sure most of you probably started school before me though! 
anyway..here is a picture so that this post isn't all words! :D

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happy blogging!


  1. Fun day at school! :] I started yesterday! I'm in eighth grade. :]

  2. sounds as if you had a good day!
    As for the name...I truly think you should keep this. Although if you do change it, Francesca Marie Photography is nice. Or Capture Craze.
    I love your name, Sunshine and Moonlight is really nice. So whatever you choose. :)
    Loved your answers to the FAQ!

  3. Sounds like your first day went well :)