should i change my blog name??

hey guys! i feel like lately lots of people have not only changed their design, but their blog name. so, I was wondering if you think i should? i have a few ideas so here they are! also, please let me know if any of these names are already blogs!! I don't want to copy anyone!

Dream Capture Photography
capturing dreams come true

Polka Dot Photography
my "polka dotted" life in photos

Capture Crazy
one girl, who takes pictures of everything!

Capture Craze
one girl, who takes pictures of everything!

FMR Photography
my life in photos and words

Francesca's Photography
one girl. one camera.

Francesca Marie Photography
my love of photography, written for you!

And Then She Snapped
my life in the pictures that i take

Reach 4 The Stars Photography
never stop believing because, if you believe you can achieve your dreams

NOTE: all of these will be photography blogs! 

so...please vote on the poll!
I CAN decide to just keep my old name, but I sorta want to "start new".

one of my recent favorites!

happy blogging!

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  1. and then she snapped is already a photography blog!!

  2. And Then She Snapped has a totally quirky twist that I just adore.

  3. Francesca Marie Photography would sound really nice. I like And Then She Snapped, but there's already a famous blog named that: andthen-shesnapped.com.

  4. I definitely like Francesca Marie Photography - sounds very sophisticated!

    I'm off to check out your giveaway - not sure how I missed it!

  5. And then she snapped is actually already taken!

  6. i think you should change it, but idk what it should be.

  7. i like the fracesca marie photography... :)
    but i think "and then she snappedn" is taken, I saw a blog on that already! D:



  9. I love the name Dream Capture. Capture Crazy is also good. (Don't care for "Craze," though.) And by the way, there is already one photo blog named And Then She Snapped. (www.andthen-shesnapped.com)