i know, i'm supposed to be taking a break

so yes, i am still taking a break, but i just got a really good idea for a post and i couldn't wait! see this break is already working ;D. anyway...today i was in Picnik editing pictures and i came across an effect called "cross process". it looks SO cool! if you can...i highly suggest using it, and it works very good on anything pink. so here are a few before and after pictures. also, after using cross process, i usually adjust the exposure and make it darker!

( this one i couldn't do a before and after because I had already edited it but I still love it!)

i mean the look of the pictures aren't realistic, but it still looks cool!

so..as you can see, most of these pictures are of something pink. when i added the pictures, i didn't notice that, but that is okay lol! 

happy blogging!


  1. I love cross process! It is one of my favorite effects. And I also love Picnik. It's one of my favorite photo editing programs. :)

  2. I love cross process. It's my fav. :]

  3. Just love that one you had already edited! So pretty!

  4. Wow! These pics are truly amazing!