inspiration (or lack of)

hey guys.
lately, i'm not sure why, i haven't really had inspiration to do blog posts. 
maybe it's because i've taken pictures of pretty much every single thing in my yard, and it gets boring.
this being a photography blog, i really like to have pictures in my posts. 
so maybe i need time to think of inspiration, or maybe i just need to put my mind to it.
i dont know
but i have decided, to take a blogging break.
don't worry, it won't be for too long. i just need a break to come back refreshed and ready to provide awesome posts and pictures. 
if anyone wants to guest post while i am gone, please feel free to e-mail me at sunmoonphotos8@aol.com
also, remember, you only have 4 more days to enter my 30 follower giveaway!! If you want to enter, click here!

so i leave you with a picture. 

i really do hope that when i come back, i will have more inspiration! 
happy blogging, and bye for now!


  1. I hope that your break is a time of great refreshment! I know how it feels to be dried out and not know what or how to write a post; inspiration is a sneaky thing. :)

  2. Have fun while taking your break. I'll be joining you soon, I reckon.

  3. I hope you enjoy your break, but I can't wait until you come back!