Guest Post by: Belle

Hello everyone, 
My name is Belle, I am 14 years old and a follower of Jesus Christ. I am saved by His GRACE!
I am 1 of 10 kids in my family! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!
Saturday I got my first dslr, a Canon Rebel t3. I love it!
I am going to share some photos that I have taken and some things I have learned through photography!
I hope you enjoy!!

Here are a few that I took 4 my brothers 8 month pictures!

Tips for getting 6-8 month olds to be happy in pictures!!
1. Get a squeaky toy and play around with it!
2. Play peek-a-boo!
3. If they are not happy, let them have a break and start over a while later!!

Here are some I took of a girl from our church!

Tips for photographing a 5 year old:
1. Be silly!
2. Bring a treat for afterwards!
3. Capture moments like the picture with the dog!
4. Ask them for ideas of how they want their picture taken!

Here are some I took of some cousins!

Tips for photographing groups of kids:
1. Be creative!
2. Be silly!
3. Be open to their ideas!


I hope that these tips help you in your photography journey!
Thanks for reading, and if you care to come visit my blog @ livineachday4him.blogspot.com!