food is a very powerful word. but unfortunately, not everyone has the food they need.

but today, i am going to think positive!

so, some of my favorite foods consist of the list below.
(not in any specific order)

1. ice cream sandwiches (especially mint chocolate chip!)
2. corn on the cob
3. strawberries
4. pineapple
5. ice cream
6. Twix and Milky Way
7. Freezy Pops (during the summer)
8. S'mores
9. Cheesecake
10. Chocolate Mouse (the best!)
11. Pizza & Ranch dressing = Yumm!!

Foods I
strongly dislike

1. mushrooms
2. jalapeƱo peppers
3. onions
4. tomatoes (although i like ketchup and tomato sauce)
5. spicy mustard
6. swiss cheese
7. blue cheese crumbled
8. anything that is the slightest bit burnt. little bit of black = blah!
9. light lemonade = it tastes totally un-lemoade-ish!

and the list goes on and on.
i'm very sorry that this post was pure rambling.
lately i have been running out of post ideas, or have not yet had time to take the picture for some.

happy blogging and hopefully there will soon be a more inspiring and photographic post.

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  1. I like most of the food you like, but onions and tomatoes are big favourites of mine too.