photography (finally)

hey guys! before i start this post, I just want to say that i still need an address from Abi or else you won't receive your free photo print!

moving on.

i realized that i haven't actually posted my photography in quite a while, so here are some pictures i took recently, or just ones i like!

a beautiful sunset picture that i took in the car!

i have fallen in love with this picture! i just LOVE the shadow and the bokeh!

when i first looked at this picture on the computer, i didn't really like it, but i really like the Macro in it now! and there is a little bokeh too!

okay, i seriously think that i fell in love with this plant! i love taking pictures of it, but this particular picture i love a lot in sepia too! also, while taking this picture i was scared also, because there was an earwig (pincher bug thing) underneath the flower as you can sorta see in the picture the outline of the pincers! 

i love how the smaller one is blurry!

no words.

i just love the focus in this picture.

a feather that was on the ground...lovely!

 i can't decide which leaf picture i like better.

 okay nature photography is officially my favorite!

well hopefully i'll be taking more pictures soon! i can't believe that leaves are already starting to fall!!

happy blogging!
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  1. Wonderful photos Francesca!

  2. Pretty cool. I like no. 1 best.

  3. I love the sunset picture, and that one with the bug on the flower! Taking a macro shot of an insect is on my bucket list. :)