Sparkling Saturday {Photo} Contest

greetings!! i know that sounds weird but i feel like i always start my posts with the same thing so i wanted to change that today!!

so ,as most of you probably know from my post title, i am announcing this weeks Sparkling Saturday theme!! so, this weeks theme is FLOWERS!! and i am going to give an example. 

ah yes!! looks like a rose right? wrong! it is a hibiscus flower that has not yet bloomed! but i thought it looked like a rose so i took the picture anyway! ;) 

hope you guys have fun entering this week!! i hope to get more than two entries!!

happy blogging!

P.S. like how i widened my post area so that i can make my pictures bigger??


  1. What template did you use for this blog design?

  2. @ Gloria A.
    It is a Simple Black Template