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so, today there will be multiple posts because i have a lot of things i want to post about. plus, i'm bored. so today i am doing the the second part of my journey to cape cod which was in the middle of july. i'm a little late i know, but i've been busy. so if you haven't read cape cod 001, i suggest you do that before you read the rest of this post. also, i decided that instead of telling you guys everything that i did, i'm going to pick my favorite pictures and explain them. so here it goes!

these are of my Nanny (grandma) reading the card i made her, and opening her new computer monitor; a gift from me, my mom, and my dad.


before the lighting of the candle. look at that knife!

Pop-pop lighting the candle

close up on the candle

from where i was sitting

above view.

and here is a little collage that i made :D

yeah...the cake had lemon filling and was really good!

in the back, my mom, my dad, pop-pop, and cousin danny.
in the front, me, aunt susan, nanny, and aunt mary ellen. 
yes, i am the tallest one in the front row. 

and then a cardinal that i took a picture of

my nail polish during cape cod ;)

one of my all time favorite pictures. I <3 Macro!

the birdbath in the back of the house we were staying in

after it rained

an awesome bird picture

sun through the trees

a pretty butterfly...darn that leaf!

a birdhouse from an interesting angle

sailboats in a race

and i'll keep it at that for now!

don't worry, i'm posting part 3 today also...and some of the ohio pics..or all of them!

happy blogging!
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