a post (that wasn't scheduled)

hello to my lovely fellow bloggers! after not having computer access while in PA. (okay i went on for about 10 min to judge the Sparkling Saturday Contest) i was very delighted to find that i had 24 followers! yes, this does mean that i will do my 20 follower giveaway, but i must wait until i get home to finish the last minute touches. i'm sorry to anyone who got their hopes up! but, in the meantime, you followers can tell all your friends and make it my 30 follower giveaway! (pretty pretty please!) it would mean SO much and there are lots of great prizes! i'm sure you will all be VERY excited to help me reach 30 followers! (HINT, HINT!!) :D so i just wanted to tell you that i'm now in Ohio! yes, for those of you that do not know, after PA i went to Ohio to visit my Aunt and Uncle with their 2 4 kitties! they have 2 cats and are fostering 2 kittens! although we are trying to get them to keep the kittens too! they are so adorable and i will post pictures as soon as i upload them! i would probably have posted sooner, but i had  chose to read all the posts from blogs that i follow. well not ALL the posts, just the ones that i couldn't read while i was in PA, and as you can imagine that took a while. then this morning my moms laptop was being dumb and decided that it didn't want to connect to the internet. go figure! there is also a park walking distance away, that i hope to visit and take pictures of the nice waterfall. and maybe some of the playground too :)! so that's about it i just didn't want you guys to be stuck reading all my scheduled posts. even though it seems like you've been enjoying them! SO...please tell your followers/friends to follow my blog and make it a 30 follower giveaway! i only need 6 more to make it to 30! and don't worry!!, i am going to have a 50 follower giveaway too! 

so thats all for now!
happy blogging!

P.S. sorry that there wasn't a Sparkling Saturday Contest this week!


  1. Ok, Girlie--- youre back. Awesome:)
    And...a giveaway will be awesome:)
    Me and you are tied- we both have 24 right now!
    Lovin your new header!

  2. Congrats on the twenty-four followers! I hope you get to thirty :)