as some of you may know, I have a love for American Girl Dolls. some of you may know what I am talking about, some may not. if you have no clue what i am talking about, i suggest you visit their website first; http://www.americangirl.com/index.php

i have been in love with AG (american girl) since i got my first doll as a Christmas present from my grandma.

i decided to take pictures of them for you!
(well actually they are old, because my camera is dead, but i still took them!)

this is Kirsten Elizabeth; my first doll

Julie Desiree, my Christmas gift from 2010

Caroline Ann, my 2011 Easter gift for myself. (i bought it)

Kaylee Clarissa & Amanda Mia. the twins. my friend sold them to me for $20

Mckenna Marie, Christmas gift of 2009

so do any of you still have dolls? or are you to old? ;) 

happy blogging!


  1. They have two new ones! Cecile and Marie Grace!

  2. I have one Bitty Baby and one AG doll

  3. I still have all 3 of my dolls! This is weird, but I love the smell of their heads.

  4. @ mary ann
    it's ok to be weird! everybody is! well at least i am! :D

  5. They are all very cute! I was just getting out of playing with dolls when AG dolls came out. I was a huge fan though, of Lee Middleton dolls for a long time!

  6. I don't play dolls anymore-(I prefer things such as blogging, photography, writing, and I really enjoy politics.) but I never had American Girls.
    My sisters do- Nellie, Josaphina, (sp?) and Elizabeth.
    They want the new one- of 2011- but I have no clue of the name!
    I did get a Bitty Baby though. Its my little sisters now!

  7. Haha, Mary Ann! Dolls heads are like the coolest smelling things on earth. I'm not sure why. :) lol. I guess I can join the weird club?