5 tips for people picture taking. (a guest post by ashlyn)

{you don't have to tell me what a sad post title this is. i almost did "tips for shooting people" and i thought..."oops." that's worse than the one now! smiles...}

Well, one of my favorite things to do is take pictures of people. That said, I have five tips to get the most out of the time with your "client." (ahem. sibling.)

1. Choose a good time of the day.
In August, you probably don't want to shoot at two o' clock in the afternoon. You just don't. You have the glaring sun; heat which causes sweat; and if you try for shade- well, most of the time, it's really shade, not an in-between.

Great times are Early Morning (8-10am) and Evening (5-7pm).

 The {evening} sun really outlines her profile here.

2. Shoot when they're not posing.
The best photos you can get are when you are shooting but they don't even know. Most of the time, the pose looks unnatural or forced. That is not what you want!
 With the ocean as a background, she admrining the water, and her straggly hair, you can tell this was not posed...at all!

3. Choose a simple, non destractive  background. 

an example of what it can do.
So what do we have? A road, swimming pool, house, and trees that don't look so great.

ahhh. much better!

4. Sometimes, Choose more than just the "client." Include more than just the object.
such as the ocean, 

or an antique looking shed.

5. Every once in a while, it's ok to focus on something other than the person.
This photo could have been better, I took it a while ago, but see how the grass adds a special effect?

and this: the focus on the spring buds on the sidewalk.  

Happy Shooting!

{Thanks to Francesca for letting me guest post...it was quite enjoyable!}


Ashlyn: A Christian, saved by the blood of the LORD Jesus Christ. A daughter, being homeschooled by her mom. A sister, to six (gasp) in September. Aspiring Photographer, loving and learning to Capture Memories for a Lifetime. Avid Piano Player, History Lover, and a girl who loves to write. {Read more about me here.}


  1. That is really cool! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Fantastic tips! I've noticed myself getting out a tad before sunset - you're so right about the light!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and thanks so much for the tips!