faith and rambling

faith can mean many different things. it could be referring to your faith in someone or something such as your faith in God.

Faith could also be a name, a very pretty name at that.

my faith in God has been strengthened and renewed by none other than the blogs that i read.

so many of you bloggers write such inspirational things, and I hope you know that.

one goal i have for my blog is this. i want my followers to be touched or inspired by my posts. i feel like right now, most of my followers are just following because they find my blog interesting, or fun to read. I want mt blog to be interesting, fun to read, and inspirational!

i have faith in myself that i can do that!

if any of you have anything you want to share with me, please comment! i read every single comment and that is a fact.

so I thought I'd leave you with this picture

it's where i buried my pet caterpillar; Buddy

sorry if this post was boring and uninspirational. I was planning for it to be inspirational, but i feel like it wasn't. oh well! i guess im just that way! :D



  1. Girl, that was a good post. That is the ultimate goal of photography: to be an inspiration, a blessing to others. Blogging is the same way. To encourage. Yes, it was inspirational! :)
    People must think so too, because you have (drum roll please!) 24 followers!!!:)
    Love ya, girl! You are a blessing!:)

  2. This was definitely a good post.

    Sometimes we need to get it out there - write about what we want to write about and what we want our blog to be about. I've blogged for over a year now and still have no idea what my blog is about!

    I think with this post, you are opening up your blog to anything you wish it to be, which is great! Never doubt that you aren't inspirational, you are!

  3. I enjoyed your post and love the picture :)

  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! I love you guys too!