flower photography

hey guys! so far i'm having an awesome time in PA!! I took my camera this time, so the pictures wont be as good, but oh well! so today, i have a post inspired by flowers and the different angles i think look interesting with flowers. so lets begin!

first example, is close up. i got this picture the morning after it rained, and i love how the raindrops look on flower petals. if you ever have the chance, i highly recommend taking pictures after it rains. everything looks so natural and beautiful no matter what you take pictures of!

the second example is blurry background, otherwise known as Macro i love this setting and tend to use it most all of the time. 

love, love, LOVE! this picture is definitely one of my all time favorites!

third example, above. pretty easy, you bend down and snap the picture. voila!

fourth example is just the opposite of the third. this one, is below. 

when i first took this picture and i was looking at it on the camera, i didn't really like it. i decided to upload it anyway, and i'm really glad i did. when i saw it on the camera screen, i didn't realize what beautiful bokah this picture has and i'm really glad that i kept it!

so i will leave you with those four ways to photograph things, not just flowers. it can be anything!

happy blogging!


  1. Don't you just love when your camera surprises you! Love these shots and love all the different views!

  2. Marco is one of my favs as well. Love your marco shot :)