cape cod 001

here is the first part of our vacation. i think it's the first 2 or 3 days, but i'm not really sure. at the end of each day i uploaded all the pictures i took, but the first "batch" was uploaded 2 or 3 days after we got there. 

so, as we have been doing for about 1 or 2 years, we stayed in the house next door to my grandparents. it's a super nice house, but the lady who lived there died, and her family is trying to sell it. but in the meantime, they are renting it out to people who vacation in cape cod. so the first day, we took our usual 6 hour car trip to cape cod. 6 hours probably seems really long to you guys. but if you are doing something (such as reading) time goes by a lot faster. on the way there we stopped at Wendy's for lunch and they had this really cool touch screen drink machine! then when we got to my grandparent's house ( i call them Nanny and Pop-pop), said hi to them and my Aunt Mary Ellen, then went next door and unpacked. 

after that, we went back over and ate dinner. it was fish, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes (no i didn't mean for that to rhyme) all sorta mixed together, and it is my absolute favorite! it's so good! for desert i had Lemon Meringue pie! then me and my aunt went down to the basement to make cards for my grandma. 

before i go on, let me tell you a little bit about the basement. it's a finished basement with two couches (one unfolds into a bed) and one cot. yes people do sleep down there. it's not one of those basements that you hate going down in because there's a bunch of spiders. well scratch that, there is a bunch of spiders, but i try my best to ignore them because i hate strongly dislike spiders. anyway, before my grandma's eyesight went (she's not blind she just has really bad eyesight) she was an amazing artist/crafts-person/sewer and about all the other artsy things to can thing of. she did needlepoint, calligraphy, paint, woodwork, sewing, and much more. she was a very talented artist, and so are her daughters (my aunts). i also inherited some of those artsy genes because i love are also. anyway, back to the basement all of her art supplies and unfinished projects are down there so it's a very lovely and crafty place to be. so thats that and that was the first day. 

moving on to the second day. (sorry there aren't any pictures so far) and if you guys think i remember all this, i didn't, i keep a vacation journal and write in it every day when we go on vacations. so the second day my Aunt Susan, and cousin Daniel (danny) came up from NY (they live about 4 hours away from us). then we went to a lovely place called Pleasant Bay. it is very appropriately named because, it's never crowded and it is quite pleasant. so while i was there (as i always do) i caught some minnows. and this is a super close up of what they look like! 

(above is a picture of part of Pleasant Bay)
pretty cool right? well here's cool for ya! while we were there, a swan family walked right up on the beach. yes a family, a mother, father, and the cutest little baby!! so of course i have to add pictures, they were like 5 feet away! and of course some idiot kids started throwing water bottles at it and their parents didn't do anything, poor papa swan! 

so then, well we stayed there for a while, then we went back to take showers. after that (i feel like i'm writing a novel!) we went to a restaurant named Clancy's. as most restaraunts in Cape Cod, Clancy's has really good food. of course i don't get anything special so i got (you guessed!) chicken fingers. well i must say they were quite yummy! 

this is what happened while we were eating
can you tell they're sisters?

afterwards, i took some beautiful pictures outside the restaurant.
doesn't this one look like it's almost black and white? it's just a regular picture!

well i'll leave you at that for part 001, and i'll give you more tomorrow!! don't forget, tomorrow at noon is the last time you can enter this weeks Sparkling Saturday contest! if you want to enter, and you haven't yet, visit this page!

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happy blogging!
P.S. who likes my new blog design?


  1. beautiful pictures. ;)
    the last one is so pretty!
    the blog design looks awesome. although I would advise that maybe you should change the yellow font in the places where you have it, as I can not read it;( It's too bright, but maybe if you darkened it a lil bit it would look much nicer.
    Have a great day!
    ~ashlyn from Capturing Memories

  2. Thanks! Yeah i was thinking that too!

  3. I really wish you would change your font because it's REALLY hard to read! =(