Sparkling Saturday {Photo} Contest

hi everyone! so (not) as planned we didn't leave Cape Cod today. we are leaving tomorrow morning. anyway...i'm really excited to do the post with all my Cape Cod pictures and I think you'll all like them! today we went down to a town called Chatam. there are a bunch of stores there and it was a lot of fun! i got some yogurt covered pretzels and a Nerd Rope. i also got a needle point kit, (first time) and a book on how to make different typed of Friendship Bracelets!! and ( i know this goes on forever) i got a turquoise hoodie that says CAPE COD and then below it it says MASS. so that is really cool and i wish it wasn't hot cause i want to wear it! so before i announce the theme, i'm going to make some more reminders/announcements! 

1st, I want to thank all of you awesome people that have followed my blog because I now have 17 18 followers!!
2nd, this means that in 3 followers (or more) I am going to have a giveway!! i myself will provide one of the prizes, but otherwise, i need some nice people to donate some prizes! 
3rd, I realize I haven't mentioned this before, if you donate something for my contest, your blog button will be displayed on my (hopefully soon to come!) sponsors page forever! Okay so maybe not forever but I will keep it up until the next giveway (unless you donate something for that too)! so basically, your button could stay up forever if you keep donating things for my giveways! (which would be totally awesome!)
4th, I think I've talked enough about that stuff so please e-mail me here! if you want to sponsor my 20 follower giveway!!
alright, this weeks theme is FLOWERS!! i figured it was a good summer theme and I had the perfect picture to use as a button! so if you don't know how to enter, go to this page, and even if you do know how to enter than you should still visit that page because i updated the rules and gave you a couple different buttons to choose from! and here is the button that you can link up with!!  

so here is this weeks button! 
and just to let you know, the linky thing wouldn't work this week so you just have to 
comment with the link to your entry!  


  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/m-a-r-y-a-n-n/5958892545/in/photostream
    here's my entry! I can't wait to see all your pictures!

  2. http://shutter-speed-pictures.blogspot.com/2011/07/sunshine-moonlight-flowers.html

    My entry :) Can't wait to see the others pictures.

  3. http://leckeresfuermenschundkatze.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-survived.html

    Here is my entry. Your button is very nice! :)