painting stinks!

hey guys!! so, today, i went to my gymnastics place and helped my mom, gym coach and gym coaches daughter (Tayler) paint. 
let me explain.

my gym, is really a storage unit but it is used as a building so, there are 5 HUGE garage doors that open and close by one of those chain pully systems. when i say HUGE i mean seriously HUGE!! it took 4 people 6 hours to paint one garage door. now do you understand how HUGE they are!!! so now we have to paint the other 4 of them! on Monday, we will have another two people come and help so that will be good! 

here is a picture. except there are doors in the door ways and that is what we have to paint!!!
so i will be doing that for the next couple days except for saturday because i will be at the NY state fair doing a demonstration with my FLL team! 

happy blogging! and thanks to everyone who entered my extra follower giveaway!! 
i will be doing a post on that in about 1 minute!!


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