blog design

i'm just doing a quick post tonight, and i have a question.
i got bored as many of you can tell, and re-designed my blog!
i noticed that  lot of people are doing this design lately so i decided to try it.
i'm not positevely sure whether i like it or not, but i decided to put up a poll.
i think the only thing that i don't like is that my right sidebar is SO long. 
i think i'll have to figure out what to change to make that better. 
anyway...please vote and comment to tell me what you think!!

happy blogging!


  1. Yes, I've definitely seen this set up go around the blog world! I do like the layout very much ... my suggestion for your sidebar: maybe make drop down menus with some info in it instead of having it all out?

    I love that you can change your blog so easily!

  2. Yeah that was what I was thinking, I just have to research how!! lol