hello again!! so, for all of you who entered my extra follower giveaway, i need you to e-mail me you address so i can send you the picture of your choice!! don't worry i will not use your address for any other purpose except to mail you the picture! alright! below i have the list of people who entered and i need you to e-mail me at sunmoonphotos8@aol.com with you address, and who it should be addressed to!! thanks!

1. Madie
2. Abi
3. Belle.Rebecca
4. Emilie
5. Mary Ann
6. Hope
7. Ashlyn
8. Aimee and Tim

thanks so much!! 
also, i need to ask a favor. i cannot seem to find a way to make like a plain old simple drop down menu that i can actually understand how to edit! does anybody have any suggestions? i want to create one with the polls, and one with my button maybe one for sponsors and one for blogs i follow just that sorta thing to free up some space in my sidebar!

happy blogging!


  1. I'm e-mailing you now! I used this tutorial for my drop down menu:


    It was pretty easy, but I don't know if you could get the polls to be part of the menu. And a lot of HTML widgets don't work as part of the menu.

  2. do you mean the drop down menu's like this?? on the left side?


  3. Emailed you. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Emailed you. And I got my drop-down menu here:


    It's super simple and if you have any problems, you can ask Hannah (the girl who put the tutorial up.)