happy honor america day!

happy honor america day fellow bloggers!, and to you that do not live in Rome,NY, I hope you had a fantabulous day. Yes, I said fantabulous; fabulous and fantastic! i wish i had pictures that I could use for this post, but since it's scheduled, i can't. i'll be using imaged provided by wonderful Google! so...enjoy!

Oh beautiful,

for spacious skies

for amber waves of grain

for purple mountain majesties,

above the fruited plain

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

and crowned thy good

with brotherhood

from sea to shining sea!

If you do live in the Rome, who went to a parade today to get candy? I know I did! :D

hope you guys are having an awesome summer vacation so far!


P.S. the theme for this weeks Sparkling Saturday Contest is something Patriotic!! Here is the button!!

P.P.S i'm still looking for sponsors for my 20 follower giveaway!! e-mail me here and have your button on my blog until the next giveaway!


  1. Wow girl. I love America- my country! Thank you for honoring this day;)
    Will enter, tomorrow. I also have to enter Kileys yet. So yeah, got some stuff to do!!
    Thank you. ;)
    Also... thank you for your sweet comment. You are an amazing girl! I love reading your posts;)

  2. oops, that was me, Ashlyn. My google account doesnt work when I'm doing some comments.

  3. Awesome contest, love the idea! Love the photos you put with your post - everything matches beautifully!