busy, busy, bee!

hi guys! i just want to say that i'm super sorry that i haven't posted since tuesday! i've been really busy and i'm going to tell you why. so, tuesday, i went over to my friends house at 3:00 and i stayed late and ate dinner with them, and i was there until 9. then on wednesday, they came over at 12:00 then at 4:30 they came with me to my horse riding lesson. after that we went over to their house and i slept over. thursday, i stayed at their house until around 5:00. then went home and worked on scheduling posts for while i was on vacation. then today (friday) i woke up at 8:00 :P went to my moms doctor appointment, then to mine. then from there we went to the store, then to my horse lesson at 2, we came back and went to see HP7 for the second time, and i got home ate dinner and now am typing this post. so now you understand that i was very busy this week and have an excuse why i didn't post. *breath* (yes i have to breathe) so just to let you know in advance, there will still be the Sparkling Saturday contest on Saturday, except I'm not sure whether or not I will be announcing the winner on tuesday, but i'll try my best. also i'm still (yes still) looking for sponsors so if anyone is interested please e-mail me here!

i think that's all for today, but whats a post without a picture?

i found this picture on Google and i thought it was appropriate!

also, Ashlyn from Capturing Memories for a Lifetime lost a follower today, so please follow her blog! it means a lot to her, and she needs some encouragement! 


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  1. Girl..,. you are soooo sweet! Thank you!
    Wow. sounds as if you have been BUSY
    So have I. Hope to return to my regular blogging schedule on Tuesday;)