black & white photography

i read a blog post a couple days ago that inspired me to do this post. basically, i think that black and white changed your picture. it gives it that satisfying professional look.

my first example is a flower. i love how it makes the flower look. 

this next photo is a black and white version of the swan picture. 

this one is a tree picture that i love and it looks awesome in black and white.

the last picture is of flowers again, this time the black and white gives them a kind of vintagy look.

sorry that this post wasn't very wordy, i just think that black and white sorta explains itself! 

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  1. I like the first one best. And I totally agree with this black and white looks more professional thing. Sometimes I take a picture that looks shocking in colour, but the moment I turn that saturation right down into the negatives, the photo looks loads better!

  2. (nods head in agreement with Jessica...)
    Nice post! B&W can be amazing! I love it:)
    Maybe you could schedule a sepia one!
    I don't really like sepia, I use it rarely, but I think that would be a great post!:)