yes, it's finally winter! i've been meaning to go outside and take some pictures of the snow, but i've been really busy with basketball practice, and studying for midterms...eww! we have midterms next week, and we just come in, take the test, and leave. pretty good deal if you ask me. but it's still school work. so anyway, i had a basketball game today at 9:30 and we had to be there at 8:00...eww again! we lost 19-27, but we did much better then our first game! so anyway, what i WAS getting at is that after my game i came home and took pictures!

beware, this is a MAJOR photo dump!

happy winter! :)


  1. These macro shots are gorgeous! I have been enjoying getting glimpses of these photos on your 366 blog.

  2. I LOVE the cloud pictures!