new design

so what do ya'll think of my new design? it was done by kelsey at simply designful. she did 3 free designs to start off her buisness and i was her last free design! i love this design so, so, so much! it's seriously amazing.

i love the fact that she did more then she had to with my design too. i told her not to worry about changing the colors of my drop down, but she's nice enough to do it anyway :) so why don't you guys go head over to her design site, or even her blog! check it out and get a design. i promise you'll love it. promise. :)

thanks kelsey for the awesome blog design! :)
happy blogging!

p.s. 6 more days to enter this giveaway!


  1. it's so cute!!♥


  2. I like your design a lot! I like the color scheme.

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