the nutcracker

these are the pictures from when i went to see the nutcracker put on by John Hays O'Neil Studio of Dance my parents and i go to see it every year, so it's sort of a tradition of ours. even though it's always the same story, i love watching the different dancers and dances each year. this is the first year i took pictures, and i only took pictures of the second half. i must say it was a mistake, but a good idea at the same time...i would really have loved to take pictures of the first half, but i'm glad i only did the second half because right before the bows, the camera died. if i had taken pictures of the whole thing, it would have died a lot sooner...and you would be even more over-loaded with pictures. oh and that's another thing..i took 267 pictures so beware..it's a very large photo dump. not all the pictures are there because some i deleted due to blurriness, but a good portion of them were taken on the sports mode so most of them aren't blurry...enjoy!


The End



  1. Those are amazing pictures!!!!

    I was in the Nutcracker a few times. I was a soldier, a poli, a snowflake, chinese, and i think that's it. it was pretty neat!

  2. yes, this was a photo dump! haha! enjoyed these! loved the pictures, especially the fifth and last one! :)

  3. I remember watching the Nutcracker as a little girl. :) I haven't seen it in a long while, though. When I got my pointe shoes, my biggest wish was to be Clara/Marie or the Sugarplum Fairy!

  4. ooh, cool! I love the Nutcracker :)
    also, if you scroll through these really fast, it looks like a video :)

  5. i love these!!!i have always wanted to see something like that :)

    -olivia marie to francesca marie-