it's (not) beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

okay...so no offense to mother nature or anything, but i think she's been taking some loopy pills lately. it is currently 8 days and 2 hours until Christmas and i have no snow whatsoever on the ground! it's not cool!! it's called a white Christmas not a green Christmas!! so anyway...here are the various pictures of Christmas ornament that I was too lazy to edit! ;)

^^a sneek peek of my next post^^

happy blogging!


  1. Agreed! it's soooo annoying!

    those pictures are neat. how did you do the snowmen?

  2. I have lived in my current house for almost nine years...it snowed every year except last year, and there is still no snow this year!!! Mother Nature is really slackin'...

  3. i love the bokeh in he pics

    -olivia marie-

  4. sock bokeh! I love it :)
    I have to find my funny glasses so I can take cool pictures like these!

    I hope it snows for you soon :)

  5. Awesome!

    P.S. Love the socks! :D