today, i got up around 9:00 (tooooooooo early) so i could get ready for church.
i went to church, and got home around 11:30-12:00.
then i went outside and raked leaves. okay well i didn't really rake, at all much but i did take some pretty awesome pictures!!
so here are some of them...

okay so those weren't from today, in fact they weren't even taken by me so i don't know when they are from or who they were taken by! so i can't take credit for those even though i watermarked them!

so then i watched football.
ate yummy chip dip for dinner, and took a shower.
now, i am blogging you you lovelies!

hope ya'll had a great sunday!
happy blogging

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  1. I love the pictures! sounds way better than raking - I would totally do the same thing :)

  2. Oh, those pictures are so beautiful and fall-like! Love the leaves.

  3. I really like the pictures of the rope :)

  4. pretty! yeah, raking stinks.
    sounds like a fun day. except for the football part. ugh. :) lol!

  5. i hate raking, although i did reake up about a truckful of leaves the other day:D