ABC's of thanks...

i'm linking up at finding joy.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

all of my life/blessings/Christmas music/
drawing/everything that God has given me/
family/God/home/inspirational things/Jesus/
kind people/love/movies/no school!/old journals/
posting on blogger/quiet/reading/soft blankets/
thanksgiving day/umbrellas/vacations/winter/
x-rays/yellow charlie brown shirts/
zambonis (for ice skating!)

happy Thanksgiving everyone! hope you all have a great day, doing what ya'll do on Thanksgiving! :)
happy blogging!

p.s. i won my first giveaway today! :D
p.p.s my birthday is SO soon! i can't wait!
p.p.p.s new design to come reallysoon! (can you tell how soon!?) :)


  1. zambonis, i love it :)
    p.s. I'm so excited for you, I saw that :)
    p.p.s. aaah i almost forgot! birthday countdown: 9 days.
    p.p.p.s. yay i can't wait to see :)
    that was a lot of :) :) :)
    we need to chat about a certain something mentioned in ashlyn's PS.

  2. loved these! :)
    old journals...yes please. Christmas music- <3!

  3. When IS your birthday? Oh, and I LOVE winning giveaways too! What did you win?

  4. @Aimee And Tim

    My birthday is December 2nd! I won a pair of earrings! :)

  5. Christmas music - it's that time of year!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. No school and reading are the best...it's so wonderful to be on vacation!