i was neither dreading, nor excited to write this post, but it must be done. i must prepare myself for the changing classes, and the large amount of thinking that (sometimes) i'd rather not do. but all in all, school is important.. it educates you so that you will not struggle in the future, and, it is a source of friendship. as i may have mentioned before , my favorite subjects are Math, Art, and Music. Art because it lets me express my creativity; math, because i enjoy working with numbers, and music because i love singing. i also realized that another subject i enjoy is writing. not ELA (English Language Arts) otherwise known as grammar. i don't like verbs, nouns, adjectives, that kind of thing. but i enjoy writing, just writing. i've written many stories too. i can type over 1,000 words in less than 5 minutes if i have an interesting topic.

( yes i am fully aware that flip flops have nothing to do with school, but they are new and i <3 them!)

back to the topic.

(my school planner for this year!)

we now go back to sitting at desks for 7 hours, and laughing at teachers we don't like. we go back to making sure our handwriting is perfect (or at least i do :D) we go back to carrying backpacks that make us fall over :D. we go back to textbooks and homework.

(sorry that it is a bit blurry)

me, in my school, we have pre-school -12th.
in one building.

(my Spanish binder ((so cute!!)))

now, i'm excited because i'll be upstairs taking classes for the first time in 13 years but in one month, i'll look back on this post and say, what was I thinking?

(sorry that these pictures are sorta crummy, but i was in horrible lighting ((my Science and Social Studies (((history))) binder)))

i go to a Catholic School, yes we have religion class, no there aren't nuns. i like it because you know everybody and i have people in my class that i've known since the first day of pre-school.

(my very larger, 1.5 in, math binder)

not everyone gets to the opportunity to go to a Catholic school because, well, it's expensive. i'm not Catholic, but i'm Episcopal which is really close, so i like religion class. we are all christian so it doesn't really matter to me.

(my awesomely, awesome scientific calculator that i have pretty much no clue how to use :D)

lots of people don't like school because they say its too much work.


compare school, to life. you have to work to support yourself and your family, so school is really just preparing you for the future. 

(my English binder with a matching notebook inside!)

school is brand new school supplies that you can't wait to use.

(my new school shoes! ((ignore the SARANAC box in the backround, it's my dads)))

you may said " I don't like school", but really you do because you are with your friends having more fun then you would if you were home alone during the summer. if you really take time to think about it, school is a lot of fun!

and that is school to me!

happy blogging!

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  1. well written, Francesca. I'm homeschooled so it's a bit different than that, but all in all, school is fun...kinda. except math. and science.
    I like anything that has to do with writing, pretty much. :)And History and politics:)

  2. I LOVE scientific calculators . . . they are SO useful for doing trig and algebra.

  3. we have those same planners! and LOVE the folders!! and the shoes!