mr. fuzzy, the catterpillar

yesterday, my dad was outside and found a friend. 
we put him in a glass jar and kept him over night so i could take pictures in the morning.
which of course i did.
my fuzzy the caterpillar is what i named him, and with good reason too!

isn't he cute?!?!? 
hope you guys liked the pictures!
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happy blogging!

P.S. like my new and improved blog design? :D


  1. LOVE, LOVE, L_O_V_E your new design! It's awesome! I mean. Girl, I love it. I love how much simpler your blog looks. And the background is simple, the colors are neutral. Youre getting pretty good at this, you know?
    Sorry about your lost follower! I've lost three...=(

  2. Cute catterpiller :) We get those here too.

  3. He is so cute, Francesca! Your blog design looks great. Also, I thought you might want to know that I got my picture in the mail today. It's going on my new inspiration wall :)