now it is the first day of fall.

the summer feeling is fading away as we get used to school and our teachers.

 the leaves start to change into reds, yellows, and oranges and the temperature gets cooler.

now, we wear jeans and sweatshirts and shorts and tank tops are pushed to the back of our closets until next summer.

i like fall. it is a beautiful season and you can take beautiful pictures

i like fall because my birthday is in fall. although it IS in December, it is still in fall.

fall is when you drink apple cider, go on hay rides, and carve pumpkins for halloween.

fall is the season that leads to winter, when snow covers the ground and you have fires in your fireplace. 

in fall, you get excited for the coming school vacation in december.

in fall, you go outside after school and take pictures of all the beautiful colors and surroundings.

fall is a good time of year. it is not too hot and not too cold. 

it is a time when you drink hot chocolate instead of eating popsicles.

fall is when you put more blankets on your bed and burrow under them like a bunny in the snow.

fall, is football season :D

which means every Sunday (or Monday), i sit in front of the TV with my dad and watch football while i bury myself in tons of blankets.

fall is just plain old, fall.

it is wonderful, beautiful, and fascinating. 

it's fall.


  1. I loved this, Francesca! Well Written and illustrated:)

  2. ps. did you show your mom all the comments she got on her photos?:)

  3. Lovely photos! Love them! I am excited for fall. :0


  4. Great shots! I am a huge fan of fall and am more in the spirit after this post!

  5. Pretty pictures! :) I love it how everyone is posting about fall. :)