AWESOME news!!

so! over the course of about 5 + hours. this was devised!

me and Ashlyn both recently learned a lot of blog design and stuff like that, so we decided to make a blog design blog! lol all the designs are free and you pretty much tell us whatever you want us to do! the design for the design blog, (lol) is like SOOO super awesome! i think my and Ashlyn make a great design team because the design for our design blog is like nothing else i have ever seen and it is awesome! so, you guys are probably like wheres the link to the blog!! so i wont keep you waiting any longer! go check it out and e-mail us saying that you want a design! (i know you want to) ;)

happy blogging!

P.S. if you didn't read anything i wrote and just went straight to the link....I would've done the same thing! ;)

here is a sample header i made for the blog!!


  1. Cool! I hope you don't mind, I added your design blog link to a list on my blog here: http://blownawayblogdesigns.blogspot.com/p/other-design-blogs.html. Cool blog by the way!

  2. It looks really cool!


  3. Nice! Are you going to change the URL from sunshinemoonlightphotography8.blogspot.com?

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