sorry for the delay

hey guys! (and gals!) i'm really sorry i haven't done my posts from PA, OH, or Niagrara Falls. i've really had no motivation to do them so i'm not sure when they'll be posted. 


i know i had mentioned before that i was going to do a 25 follower giveaway and here is the reason why i haven't started it. i made something for the giveaway while i was in cape cod. i brought it back home and put it in a safe place. problem is, apparently that place was too safe because i have no idea where it is, and have yet to find it through my many searches. i've checked my whole house! i've tried back tracking. 


i seriously went through every room in my house at least twice looking for it! apparently, i didn't look hard enough because i haven't found it yet! it just frustrates me that i know for a fact that it is in my house, and yet, i have no idea where it is! any suggestions? i'm open to any little thing that might help me find it!

happy blogging!


  1. that totally stinks! I hope you find it soon!!

  2. Did you check behind and under couches, beds, and chairs, dressers, etc.? On top of shelves and kitchen cabinets? Under your bed?

  3. ha ha haven't checked under couches and chairs..will do that! i can't check under my bed because there is no space under it! lol thanks for the tips!