i am one of the many people who gets suckered into buying earrings. i love them and have at least one pair of earring that somehow match all of my outifts. i know crazy right? well i today in the mail i received the pair of earrings that i won in Ali's giveaway. they were made by Madie. i think that they are extremely pretty so i took some picture of them!!! 

(ha ha! i didn't notice that you can see my glasses. also the fluffy thing is a hairs scrunchie.) (and a lot of people think i have 3 wholes. i don't. the one above my first hole is a freckle.)

aren't they pretty?? thanks Madie! I <3 them!!

happy blogging!

p.s. i'm sponsoring this giveaway


  1. Oh wow -- these are gorgeous! You're very talented!

  2. oh ha ha! i didn't make them, i won them in a giveaway!

  3. You're welcome!!! I'm so glad you like them!!

  4. those are beautiful earrings! winning giveaways is always fun!