Happy 4th of July!

today I just wanted to wish y'all a happy 4th of july!! i hope you had fun! today i didn't really celebrate because, we were installing the new liner on my pool. well...my mom and dad were anyway :D i was jumping on my trampoline while the sprinkler was "sprinkling" underneath and cooling me off!! it was VERY hot today! the hottest it has been all summer i think. i got a tan! and i think i got a bit of sunburn too! we have extra cream cheese icing from a cake that my mom made so today i made a parfait with icing and strawberries! it was YUMMY!! also i wanted to mention that i have arranged my guest posters and i will post every other day, and the other days i will have guest posters! i think you will really enjoy their posts and pictures!! so happy 4th of july!!
P.S. sorry for no pictures..there will be some later today!

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