bunnies! (or rabbits)

yesterday i managed to get some really cute pictures of some bunnies in my neighbors yard. then another one came and they started chasing each other {so cute!}later that night we saw 4 of them together! so here are the pictures!!

{this one has to be my favorite!!}

so there are the adorable pictures!! and i also have a couple things to mention!
  • i am guest posting over here today!
  • please follow MadieRachelGracieHope, and Ashlyn, they are guest posting while I'm on vacation!
  • this saturday, I will of course do the Sparkling Saturday contest like always, and it would mean a lot to me if someone entered because so far no one has ever entered! 


  1. Cute bunnies! (or rabbits! :P )

  2. the bunnies are adorable! Love em. and I will try to enter!

  3. the bunnies are soooo cute, and i'll try to enter!