guest posters needed!!

hello to all of my fellow bloggers!! i just have a quick announcement! i will not be on blogger from July 31st to August 11th. that means I need 12 guest posters!! from July 30th -31st my friend is visiting from PA and sleeping over. I will have a post scheduled for the 30th day from me, so that will be covered. on the 1st, i am going back with her and staying at her house for 1 week, then my mom is picking me up and we are heading to Ohio to visit my Aunt and Uncle. we will be staying there for 4 days so during that timespan i need guest posters.

here is what you can post about:


so if you are interested in guest posting please e-mail me here! don't forget i need 12 people, and i will let you guys know how many guest posters i have so far.

also i want to tell you guys this. i realized that most of the blogs i follow are written by girls who believe in Jesus. i love their blogs with all my heart, and it dawned on me that nobody that has read my blog knows that i too believe in Jesus. so from now on, i am going to add my faith in God to all the posts that i can, and I've changed my header a bit as you can see.

so thats all for now!

remember, i still need sponsors, and if you sponsor your button will be on my blog until the next giveaway!
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i only need one more follower until i announce my giveway!!
and..i added a new page so now you can buy my pictures! please go check it out!!



  1. Ptl:) I'm glad you believe in Jesus too. I was wondering about that!!:)
    Girl; I'll guest post for you! Just send me an invite @
    I might ask you to guest post soon. But my mom is due in the beginning of Sept, so I might wait until then, since I'm the oldest daughter and will be super busy:)
    Ok? Sound good?
    Hope you have a great trip.
    {can't wait for the giveaway, girlie!!!}

  2. More guest posters?!? How about you just make the posts in advance. I like it when you post!