a guest post by Madie

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
 I guess the first, and most important thing to stay is that I have an unconditional love for Jesus Christ my Savior. He is the One who should be getting all of the attention. I blog over at "The Road's Journeys." My blog is mainly about my life with Christ and I add pictures of where I've been and what I've seen. I would greatly appreciate it if you would go check out my blog. If you follow me, I would be happy to go check out your blog! ;-)

2. How long have you been interested in photography, and what got you started?
 I have just recently been interested in photography... It's been about a year since I really started appreciating my camera.

3. What kind of camera do you have, and when did you get your first camera?
 I have a point and shoot, waterproof, fugifilm camera. I'm not going to use it for long though! I'm getting the Nikon P500 VERY soon!  :-) I got my first camera a year and a half ago... by the way.
Sorry, I can't find the good picture of my camera...
4. What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?
I love nature photography! I love taking pictures of the beauty God has made on this earth. I would LOVE to take pictures of people, but I can never find people that love their pictures taken... so I usually stick with nature photography.

5. What is your favorite picture that you have taken?
  My favorite picture is of a cross with a lake and trees in the backround. I love it! 

Beautiful right?!?

6. What photographers inspire you?
Some photographers that inspire me are Kiley, Ali, and Nealy. They all have very good pictures.

(Picture taken by Ashley, Kiley's aunt, and Kiley.) I'm on the far left, Kiley's in the middle, and Ali's on the right.

7. When did you start your blog, and why?
I started my blog to share my faith in Christ Jesus and to share my pictures that I have taken. I started my blog three months ago... wow! Three months ago? I can't believe it!

8. What are some of your favorite things to do besides photography?
Hmm... I love doing a lot of things! I love crafts. I can do almost every yarn project out there. I make earrings. I love reading my Bible. I love Bible study with my friends. I love volleyball. I like a lot of things!

9. Do you sell your photos anywhere?
 No, I do not. My photos are not yet at that stage! 

Thank you SO much Francesca for letting me guest post! I had a blast! And please go check out my blog... seriously.

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