a guest post by Gracie

hey guys! just a quick note from me! i'm having a really awesome time on my vacation and i hope you like this post!! thanks for posting Gracie! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
hi! my name is gracie. i am a photographer and graphic designer. my camera rarely leaves my side. i love cupcakes and big, colorful lollipops (hence the name of my blog, lollipops & cupcakes). i love to laugh and i am a very random person ;) i still act like a little kid at times, and i'll do whatever it takes to make someone happy :)

How long have you been interested in photography, and what got you started?
i got interested in photography about a year ago. i somehow discovered my parents Sony camera and i took it outside to take some pictures of my cats and, well... the rest is history, i suppose :)

lazy summer days (l is for lazy)

What kind of camera do you have, and when did you get your first camera?
i currently own a Sony DSC-H1. my parents bought me a little red Samsung for my 12th birthday... but i broke it, so i turned to my parents Sony. it may not be a DSLR, but it does take some pretty amazing shots :)

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?
i would have to say nature and anything that doesn't move, haha. all of my siblings despise the camera and my pets don't sit still, so i have turned towards inanimate objects. but when i do get the chance to take portraits... well, you could say i get as happy as an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top ;)

 What is your favorite picture that you have taken?
hm... that's a hard one. a pretty much live by the quote "what's my favorite picture? the one i'm going to take tomorrow." but if i must pick a favorite, then it would have to be this one:

i am just a little obsessed with bokeh, and now that you know that little piece of information, i'm pretty sure you can figure out why i love this photo so much :)

What photographers inspire you?
oh, too many to count! haha... okay, here are a few of my very favorite, and very inspiring photographers:
and there are a bunch more, people! haha :)

When did you start your blog, and why?
i started my blog way back (okay, only a year ago) in September of 2010. i was surfing the web and came across this cute little site and looked at the URL and noticed the ".blogspot". being the weird and curious person that i am, i decided to check out this ".blogspot" and i found out that my mom had set up an account years ago. i started playing with the design. changing the background, colors, and fonts. i then asked my mom if i could make it my blog and she said okay. i don't really remember why i started the blog. at first i just thought it would be cool, then i started using it to post my photos, and now it is sort of my creative outlet.

What are some of your favorite things to do besides photography?
i love to sing and act in live theater. oh, and i love to blog, hang out with my friends and family, read, and go bike riding occasionally with my friend, Kristen.

tall and beautiful....

Do you sell your photos anywhere?
not yet, but i am hoping to start selling them soon!

What is one random fact about yourself?
hm... i don't like sea food. which ironic because i was born in the tiny state of Maryland which is known for their "amazing" crab cakes. haha... yeah, you probably didn't need to know that ;)



again, thanks for posting! 

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