finalists of the Sparkling Saturday contest!

hey everyone! i'm just posting to announce the finalists of the Sparkling Saturday contest!! this week I had to do finalists, because there were two pictures that I couldn't decide on! I also want to say thanks SO much to those of you who entered! I had 4 people enter this week and thats the most I've ever had! again thanks to anyone who has followed! and i'm still looking for sponsors for my 20 or 25 follower giveway that will hopefully be happening soon!! and i updated the Sparkling Saturday Contest page and changed a couple rules so you should check it out! so enough of my rambling, the finalists are...




i love both of these photos so please vote on the poll and decide who is the winner!!
so girls, go ahead and take your button! 

i'm also going to be in the process of redesigning my blog soon, and i think i'm 
going to change my URL from .blogspot.com to just .com 
don't forget i need sponsors {i know i'm probably really annoying you because i 
keep mentioning that}!
P.S. there may be other changes too so...beware! not really, but i'm probably 
going to be changing a lot. 

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