much too hot!!

ok well i have admit i love sunshine and it is one of the many awesome things created by God BUT...today was just too much! i go to a catholic school so we have to wear uniforms. (by the way a lot of people think that teachers at catholic schools are nuns...they aren't. i have made A LOT of great friends in life because of that school so i naturally love it) so yes, i am complaining about uniforms!!! in the summer (when it is 85 degrees or above) you get really hot and sweaty and your clothing starts sticking to you! it is definitely NOT the ideal situation. and of course our school is not air conditioned so while working we sit in school at desks sweating like crazy! so...it was 95 today. our high...for NY(state) was higher than Miami, Florida. that is just not right.so i guess thats NY..crazy cold winters and super hot summers...spring and fall are rainy. oh well...pools are good ( if you have one). so another thing i must say. i have had a nice pool that is perfect on sunny days. well...somehow in the winter we got wholes in our pool liner. so unfortunately we have an empty pool that cannot be filled until we replace the liner! it is the beginning of summer and i don't have a pool...not good! i have been staying inside when i would usually be swimming in a pool. it's not fun. sure it's nice to be in a cool house, most people would be like "what do you mean it's not good to be inside." well i am an outdoor person who prefers to be in nature whenever i can be. so being without a pool isn't nice. anyway..this post was sorta worthless unless you like listening to me complain, so i'll end this post here. maybe later today i will find something interesting to take pictures of! 10 more days of school!!!!!!!(not counting weekends)!!!!!!!
have a nice hot day! ;)

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