a "blah" day

today. it is june 12th. and it is 61 degrees outside!! not cool! it is supposed to be at least 70 degrees during june. *sigh* so i was quite busy this week and (yet again) failed to host the Sparkling Saturday contest. so..i have decided that it will just begin 1 day late and instead of ending on tuesday, it will end on wednesday. so this weeks theme for sparkling saturday is....................food! here is an example picture that i took today. it can really be any food because the category is well, food! so have fun, and you CAN edit your pictures and you CAN enter more than once. to link up, post a comment with the link of your picture OR send an e-mail to sunshine.moonlight.photography@aol.com *EDIT* Please send all photos to mommysgirls06@aol.com 

have fun!
p.s. this weeks winner will be chosen by random.org. i will post 5 finalists then use random.org
i also reserve the right to remove any images for any reason. all images MUST be rated G!

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