first day of summer!

yipee! today was the summer solstice ( i only know about that from the Percy Jackson series) :D!! it is the longest day of the year! whoo hooo. i honestly don't care that much, i just needed something to post about, and the sunshine was nice, but it was really hot outside!! ok so this post (again) has no pictures, but i have a reasonable explanation. after i got home from school, i was working on a gift for all 18 of my classmates. bookmarks. i made them on index cards, colored them myself, laminated them, and wrote a message on the back of every single one. so that took a while. then i believe it was around 6:00 by that time, so i had to prepare for my graduation (which is today!!!). my mom ate dinner while i waited. then she came up around 6:30 and did french tips on my fingernails and toenails which lasted until about 9:00!!! and now i am up at 5:44 because i took a shower @ 5 so that my hair would have enough time to air dry. my hair takes such a  long time to dry and it annoys me SO much!! my graduation isn't until 9AM and i had to get up at 5! i really hope that it will be dry by then, but no promises! and also i will have pictures today, and that is a promise. (except for the fact that i wont be taking them) so i'll blog to ya later!

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