father's day!

happy fathers day everyone!! today to celebrate fathers day, my dad received cards! and a book that he ordered for himself :P he he. so anyway...i am SUPER excited!!! On Wednesday I have my 6th grade graduation!! SO exciting! I'll be sure to have my mom take LOTS of pictures since I can't take them! so this week should be fun! after my ceremony on wednesday, i am eating lunch with a friend who lives out of state, and then the next day, i am having a sleepover with a friend from school, so that will be fun too! i can't wait for more pictures and i can't wait until school is over! i don't mean to brag, but if there is something i'm really proud of on my report card i will most likely post about it, and i might take some pictures of my report card for no apparent reason. :D so that's about it for today!!

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