so yesterday i went to my school festival with my friend. we have a thing after school called art club, so we had to work at our art club booth. we had breaks to go on rides though so it was fun (even though we were there from 11:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.). when we went on the hurricane (the ride) it wasn't the best experience. it had been raining all day! i went on twice and by the time i got off, it looked like i peed my pants. not the best look when there are over 100 people walking past you! so that was that. also something i want to mention is that me and my friend Bella (the one who went to the festival with me) have a sorta unofficial business. we sell computer, and handmade cards, bookmarks, and magnets. if you want to buy something ( believe me it's cheap) go to brcards.weebly.com. i will hopefully find something exciting to capture a picture or two of because throughout the whole weekend it has been raining pretty much non stop so i have had zero time outside with my camera!

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