Hi guys! this is the first post on my new blog (obviously), but i thought a nice little welcome would be good! so anyway...if you want to know some things about  me, click the "About Me" tab. if you want to know more about this blog, click the "About My Blog" tab. so mostly, i will post pictures and talk about my life. it may be boring at times, so feel free to let me know when things get too boring. ; ) i will try my hardest to post every day, but sometimes i will be busy, don't feel like it, or have run out of blogging ideas. i will probably run some contests, i know how much fun they are! i am thinking on doing a contest weekly, but i need to think of a name, so...if you are in the mood to be helpful, vote on the poll and help me choose a. what day to do the contest and b. what to name it. i have names for all the days, and suggestions are welcome. i may just come up with something that i really like and not even use the poll but that usually doesn't happen, so if you have any suggestions please comment! thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! please follow my blog, grab my button, and tell your friends!

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  1. we should celebrate our blogoversaries together next year!