the start of lent

today is ash wednesday, which marks the beginning of lent. many of you, i'm sure, went to receive ashes on your forehead today. lent is a very special time of the year. it's the time when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, and it helps us to remember all the sacrifices Jesus made for us.

lent is a time to think about Jesus, and the sacrifices he's made for us. it's a time for us to make sacrifices of our own, whether it's giving up our favorite toy, or cleaning your room more often. during lent when you decide to make a sacrifice, it teaches you a lot of things. it teaches you discipline, and self-awareness, if you are able to go throughout the whole season of lent without something, or doing something that you usually don't. 

but if you continue to do what you originally planned. it becomes a routine, and eventually you don't really think about doing it, you just do it. sometimes, you might even decide to make bigger sacrifices, like going to church every sunday if you are able to drive yourself. or helping those in need on a daily basis. there are a lot of things that you can do, and even if you eat a little bit of chocolate during lent, or you forget to do that certain thing, it's okay! the good thing, is that you tried and you made an effort to please God.

so welcome to the season of lent my friends. what sacrifice(s) are you making during this lent season?


p.s like the new name and design???


  1. f r a n c e s c a .
    your design looks ahhh-mazing!
    to celebrate your new design blog? it's perfect.
    I love the colors (is it tissue-box inspired?) and the fonts on your accordion menu.

    1. Not this time, it was a random scribble that looked cool lol thanks!!!

  2. Love the new name and design! I'm not religious so I've never done lent! Good luck! :)