today, i had a basketball game (we won 20-19. i came home, took a shower, ate, and went on the computer. i decorated 2 out of 3 of my moleskins that came today (posting on that later), and then i went outside to take some nature pictures. i experimented with manual focus, and i really like how all the pictures turned out!

if you guys haven't noticed, i haven't been posting very often, and when i do post they aren't very inspirational. it's because i've been (and will be) very busy. i've been having basketball practice every day a week, unless we have games, and we're starting play rehearsal which is going to be changing my schedule from full to overflowing. i actually have a lot of things that i can post, it's just that i haven't gotten the time to post them. i'm going to try and set away one day that i can spend scheduling a bunch of posts so that i don't have to worry about posting. i'm also debating whether or not i'm going to continue my 366, i don't have pictures from each day because i've been too busy, so i'm not sure. 

i'm also going to start doing my photo challenge again, but i'm going to re-name it. and lastly, i'm thinking about re-naming my blog again, hopefully for the last time. i really like this blog name, but it just doesn't fit. i have to take some time and think about it though, so maybe towards the beginning of  march!

here are some of the pictures from today! 

it's so depressing to go outside, in the middle of february, and see the grass, not to mention that the grass is green!! 

hope ya'll have a great weekend! there shall be a surprise coming soon :)


  1. super cool pictures, f! i love the sunflare in this one and this one. and i'm excited for the photo challenge to come back... seems like a lot of people have quit doing those.

  2. great photos! so pretty:)

  3. I am in love with all of these pictures. You are amazing at photography! Also, you possible have the coolest name ever. :))


  4. These photos are lovely! I really like the second one.

  5. Those were beautiful pictures!